Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Modern Witch Costume

The classic Witch costume: Black dress, striped tights,pointed hat, broom, and pointed boots/slipper. Well, this morning at about 10 am, I decided what I would dress up as (Yes, I still dress up). A WITCH!!!! So here goes the first Halloween DIY recipe.


What You'll Need

Black Pencil Skirt (Highwaist and longer is better)
Black Tights (Nylons or Stockings, Whatever suits the weather)
Dark Undershirt*
Longsleeve shirt*
Short Black Skirt (Prefferably A-Line)
Black Scarf or Witch Hat
Black Heels (Pointed toe are best, but choose whatever suits you)
Green Face Paint(Blemish Corrector Stick also works)*
Red Lipstick*
Thick Fake Eyelashes*


*1.Put on your dark undershirt and/or longsleeve.
*2.Put on stockings, tuck undershirt inside if possible
3.Put on Pencil Skirt so that waistband is just under rib cage.
4.Put Short skirt over your head so that it covers your shoulders like a short cape but does not restrict arms.
5A.Do a loose bun on the top of your head and let some front pieces fall or tease them.Put on Hat so that bun is inside peak.
5B.Let hair loose and tease the ends.Put hat on half-hazardly.
5C.Put hair in loose, low bun.Tie scarf under chin, letting the front section of hair stay visible.
*6.Paint face, neck,hands and any other visible skin green.
*7.Apply fake lashes
*8.Apply red lipstick.
*9.Put on heels

Note: This costume is really open for customization.If you are comfortable with doing so, you may omit the undershirts and allow the "cape" to cover the skin that is exposed on the torso.Changing the skirt and shoe types make this costume more accessible to different age groups.

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