Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hot pants are perfectly functional!

New Year's Resolution

So, my birthday was on the 8th and it's like something just clicked in my head when  woke up. I realized that if i lost a little weight, I'd have a great body and if you got it, flaunt it. I've always been girly and liked crafty, fashion-type DIY stuff but, until now, Jeans + T-shirt = My Life. I wasn't into trendy stuff before, always dressing like somebody's mom (as my family & friends tell me) but now, I'm really into it all like my maturity level is reversing. I have always been singled out from the other kids for being more mature, and that's fine, but maturity should not have to be synonymous with matronly. So, here's to my new Years Resolution; To appreciate high hems while maintaining high morals. Who knows, maybe I'll start posting up some DIY's of my own... Until that time I'll just be kicking it into high gear on Polyvore, putting up some things I might want to try with my new sewing machine. Who knows, I'll kinda just roll with the tide for now...

                            To anyone who actually even reads/views this blog, thanks.

 And to the girl that called me "ratchett" (Which isn't even a word), you might as well keep your opinions to yourself because calling me ugly obviously didn't make you any prettier.

Looking Forward to Summer